How to Convert a VOB file to MPEG easily

By Katrina Matterhorn

A DVD video object (VOB) file is a high-definition file that can be viewed on PC monitors or large format TV screens. You can extract the VOB file from a DVD, but there are very few players that are compatible with the VOB format. The MPEG format is a universal extension that is compatible with a majority of media players both online, and through hand-held devices. You can quickly convert your VOB file to an MPEG if you wish to view it through a free online conversion site.

Step 1

Double-click your Web browser's icon, and navigate to

Step 2

Click "Browse," and select the VOB file you want to convert to MPEG.

Step 3

Select MPG as the "Output" format. Type your email address when prompted. You will be sent a link of the converted file.

Step 4

Click "Convert." Your VOB file will be converted to an MPEG. Open your email inbox to find the link that was emailed to you.