How to Convert a Word Document to a Celtx File

By Carl Hose

Microsoft Word is a word processor included in the Microsoft Office Suite. Word can be used to create everything from simple letters to complex documents, but because writing screenplays requires such strict formatting, creating a screenplay template in Word is not always an easy option. Some screenwriters who originally created scripts in Word are switching to Celtx, a free screenwriting program. Celtx doesn't include Word import filters, but with an easy workaround, you can turn your previous Word screenplays into Celtx scripts with almost perfect results.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Celtx

Step 1

Open your script in Microsoft Word. Go to the "File" menu and choose "Save As" to save your Word screenplay as a text (txt) document. Celtx doesn't include direct Word import, but it will read text files.

Step 2

Open Celtx and go to the "Script" menu. Choose the "Import" option and browse to the location on your computer where you saved your Word document as a text file. Click on this text file and it will open in Celtx.

Step 3

Read through your imported script to ensure the formatting comes through. In most cases, Celtx will import the screenplay file exactly as it was saved in Word. Due to the import process, there may be a few formatting errors.

Step 4

Save your file as a Celtx project by going to the "File" menu and selecting the "Save Project" feature. Celtx will save your screenplay as a Celtx file.

Tips & Warnings

  • As an alternative method, you can copy your Word document to the clipboard by right clicking your mouse and choosing "Copy," then right clicking inside a blank Celtx document and choosing "Paste." Afterward, you can save your script as a Celtx file. This method produces a well formatted script, but be sure to read through the script for the few errors in formatting that may be introduced in the copy/paste process.