How to Convert a WPL File Into an MPEG

By Anthony King

WPL and MPEG are two different types of video file formats. There are many different programs that offer video playback, but they do not always support every type of file extension. Changing the file format of a video file can also make a file size smaller or make a video's quality better. Some external video players such as the Ipod or PSP also require a certain type of file format. Whatever the case, it is sometimes necessary to convert a video file from one format to another.

Step 1

Purchase or download a video file converter program. There are hundreds of different converter programs to choose from, but and are two sites that offer a quality converter program for free.

Step 2

Follow the onscreen instructions for the program's setup once the download has been completed. Read carefully through each step of the installation as there will be additional plug-in programs that will be saved to your computer if you do not specify otherwise. These plug-in programs are completely safe and very useful, however, some people prefer not to use the space on their computers for them.

Step 3

Open the program and locate the window that says "input." Click the "Browse" button next to the window and search for the WPL file you wish to convert. Double-click the file so that the extension shows up in the "input" window.

Step 4

Click the pulldown menu under the title "Format." Scroll through and select "MPEG." There may be two different options for MPEG in the window---one will say "Excellent Quality" and the other will say "Good Quality." Choosing the excellent quality format will make the file size larger than if you select the good quality.

Step 5

Click the "Convert" button and wait for the converting process to finish. This may take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Once the conversion is finished, right-click your mouse on the newly converted file and select properties. If the file was converted successfully, the "Format" heading at the top will have changed to "MPEG."

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