How to Convert DV4 to DVD

By Rachel Miller

DV4 is the file format attached to the video sequences produced by Bosch CCTV units. The video from these CCTV units can be viewed and converted on an external video player called "Player Lite". In order to convert your DV4 files to DVD, the DV4 files will first need to be converted to AVI format in Player Lite and then ripped to DVD using a standard DVD burner.

Things You'll Need

  • Player Lite, (see Resources).
  • Blank rewritable DVD
  • AVI to DVD burner

Step 1

Download, install and run Player Lite.

Step 2

Click on "File" followed by "Open" from the main toolbar menu of Player Lite.

Step 3

Navigate to your DV4 file, highlight it with your mouse and click "Open."

Step 4

Click on the "File" menu in Player Lite followed by "Save as".

Step 5

Click on the drop-down box next to "File type" and select ".avi". Choose a name and a location for the AVI file on your computer and click "Save".

Step 6

Download, install and run your chosen AVI to DVD burner.

Step 7

Click on "Add files" in the main pane of the burning software.

Step 8

Navigate to the AVI file you just saved on your computer, highlight it with your mouse and click "Open".

Step 9

Insert a blank DVD into the disc drive on your computer. Click "Start." Your DVD will eject itself from the disc drive when the burn is complete.