How to Convert FLAC to an MP3 for Free

The Free Lossless Audio Codec is a digital audio format that allows for some compression, but it preserves all the information present in the original recording. FLAC files are similar to MP3s, but they are necessarily larger and can offer higher quality. Unfortunately, FLAC is not as widely supported as the MP3 format so you may find it necessary to convert FLAC files for use with some devices and programs. There are, however, many free programs available online that do just that. Some are simple to use; others boast extra features.

Many portable music players do not support FLAC playback.

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Download the FLAC to MP3 converter. The program is simple to use. The interface provides a window for navigation to audio files and drop-down menus to allow users to adjust output settings. Select the files you want to convert, set MP3 as the output format and click the large "Start Converting Now" button.


Download Magic Video's Free FLAC to MP3 Converter. This program is designed specifically for batch conversion. Instead of adding FLAC files one at a time for conversion, you can have the program automatically find every FLAC file in a specific folder or directory. This tool is especially useful if your entire music library needs converting. Advanced users can manually adjust the bitrate and compression of the output files.


Download Koyote Soft's Free MP3 Converter. This program is an ideal choice for those who frequently work with a variety of audio formats. It can freely convert between an impressive variety of formats, including FLAC and MP3. The interface is fairly standard and should be intuitive to most users.

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