How to Convert From iTunes to Android

By Andrew Mikael

Though designed to convert and transfer music files to Apple iPod devices, iTunes's media conversion feature can also create audio files for use with Android smart phones, tablets and other devices. Android works with MP3 and AAC audio files (see 1st reference), both formats that iTunes can create through conversion. Files converted to either format will work equally well with the Android platform, though AAC files will provide a slightly higher sound quality at higher compression rates (see 3rd reference).

Step 1

Open iTunes and click the Edit menu in Windows or the iTunes menu in OS X. Click on "Preferences." In the General tab, click the Import Settings button.

Step 2

Click the Import Settings arrow and select either "AAC Encoder" or "MP3 Encoder" from the list, depending on which file format you wish to use with your Android device. You may specifically configure the compression quality in the Settings menu if desired. Click "OK" to continue. (see 2nd reference)

Step 3

Close the Preferences window and navigate the iTunes Library to the audio files you wish to convert. Click to highlight them. Hold the Ctl key in Windows or the Command key in OS X to select multiple items (see 4th reference).

Step 4

Click the Advanced menu and click on either "Create MP3 version" or "Create AAC version." The available option will differ based on your format choice in the Preferences window.

Step 5

Wait for iTunes to complete the conversion. You can monitor the current progress in the top pane or in the Converting playlist. Newly converted items will appear alongside the original versions in the iTunes Library.

Step 6

Connect the Android device to the computer and tap the "Turn on USB storage" option when it appears onscreen. Open the device's memory from the OS X desktop or the Windows "Computer" Start Menu item.

Step 7

Right-click on the converted files in iTunes. Click on "Show in Windows Explorer" or "Show in Finder" to open the files' location. Drag the files into the Music folder on the Android device's root directory to transfer the files. They will appear as playable items in the device's Music app.

Tips & Warnings

  • By default, iTunes converts ripped CD tracks and downloaded music to the AAC format, or whichever format you have specified in the Preferences window. Music stored in Android-compatible formats requires no conversion, and will work natively with Android devices. To check a files' current format, right-click it in iTunes and click "Get Info."