How to Convert Google Calendar to FranklinCovey Format

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities." As Stephen Covey stated, scheduling priorities is one of the goals of the FranklinCovey system. The system has more than 15 million users worldwide, and if you are ready to convert from a Google Calendar to FranklinCovey, some apps can help you do so.

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Harness the power of FranklinCovey without losing your Google calendar.
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FranklinCovey Principles

The FranklinCovey system revolves around prioritizing tasks and scheduling them. "A" tasks are the most important and must get done today. "B" tasks are important, but they can wait until later. "C" tasks would be nice to get done, but they can be delayed without harm. The tasks in these categories are further prioritized using numbers, with "1" being the most important. The FranklinCovey system also enables you to indicate if a task is started or completed, has been handed off to someone else or has been delayed.

PlanPlus Planner

The PlanPlus Planner uses FranklinCovey principles. To sync Google Calendar with PlanPlus Planner, open the PlanPlus Planner app. Tap "Settings" on the main screen. Tap "Schedule/Calendar Settings," then "Schedule View Settings." On the Choose Google Calendar screen, choose the Google account you want to sync and tap "OK." Tap the compass icon to go back to the main screen, then tap "Schedule." You can now see your Google Calendar events, marked with a Google icon, on PlanPlus Planner.

Franklin Covey Tasks

The Franklin Covey Tasks app enables you to prioritize tasks using the FranklinCovey system. To sync your Google Calendar with Franklin Covey Tasks, you first need to upgrade to the Pro version. From the main screen of the Pro version, tap the "More" button and then tap "Synchronization." Tap the "Gmail" button. Choose the Gmail account that you want to sync. Your Google Calendar tasks now appear in your Franklin Covey Tasks app.

Applying FranklinCovey Style to Google Calendar

If you don't want to use yet another app, you can use the FranklinCovey system in Google Calendar. Log in to Google Calendar. Click the "My Calendars" drop-down menu and select "Create New Calendar." On the Create New Calendar screen, type "A1" in the Calendar Name field. You can add a description, make the calendar public or share it with others. Click the "Create Calendar" button. Create 8 more calendars: A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2 and C3. Assign each calendar its own color by clicking the calendar's drop-down menu and choosing a color. To make important tasks stand out, use the ROYGBIV coloring scheme, assigning red to A1, orange to A2 and so on.

To create an event or task, click on the calendar. In the dialog box, name the event in the What field. Choose the FranklinCovey priority level by clicking "Calendar" and selecting the correct calendar. Click "Create Event." The event is added to your calendar, and its color tells you its priority level.

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