How to Convert Indd to Corel

By Manuel Paucar

Indd is the default file format of Adobe InDesign files. Unfortunately, .indd files can only be opened by the InDesign software, and therefore they are not compatible with other kinds of graphic design software. Fortunately, there is a way to convert .indd files into EPS files, which are compatible with Corel Draw. It is not a fast procedure, since there is no converter for this, so you will have to do it manually.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe InDesign Software
  • InDesign document

Step 1

Open your InDesign document in Adobe InDesign. Click the "File" pulldown menu and select "Export."

Step 2

Specify the output folder. This is the place where your converted file will be saved. Write a filename, and click the "Save as" option. Choose the EPS file format option. The export EPS dialog box will appear.

Step 3

Go to the "Pages" tab. A display of different indd files will be displayed. Select the pages you want to export. Select the "Spreads" option. This enables you to export your EPS files into one sheet.

Step 4

Go to the "Additional Options" tab. Click on the "Embed Fonts" option. Select the "Complete" method. The complete method downloads all the characters and fonts required for the document to be printed.

Step 5

Select the "Ink Manager" tab. This will wipe out any excess of ink and correct other mistakes without changing the layout. Go to the "Preview" tab. This will show you a preview of your converted file.

Step 6

Close Adobe InDesign once you are satisfied with the appearance of your converted file. Go to the destination folder. Right-click on the EPS file and choose the "Open with" option. Locate the Corel Draw software and click on it.

Tips & Warnings

  • When modifying the additional options, you can specify the color in the exported file as well by clicking on the "Color" option. The "Gray" option converts all color to black and white, whereas "RGB" converts all color values to red, green and blue.