How to Convert JVC Moi Files to Mpeg

By Greyson Ferguson

MOI is a file format that is specifically designed for JVC video cameras. If you use a JVC camera that saves the videos onto a hard drive, then you export the content onto your computer, you may find the videos are in MOI format. Although most video editing programs accept this file extension, media players may not. If you find that the MOI video files are not opening you may need to convert the files into MPEG files because MPEG is more widely accepted.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access

Step 1

Download and install one of the MOI video converter file programs listed in "Resources." All of these programs are capable of converting the MOI into an MPEG video file.

Step 2

Launch the software by selecting the new desktop icon left on your screen following the installation.

Step 3

Click "Add Files" and select the particular video file you want to convert from the small search window that appears.

Step 4

Select the pull-down menu next to "Format" and choose "MPEG."

Step 5

Click "Browse" next to "Output" and select the output location where you want the new MPEG file to be saved.

Step 6

Click "Convert" and the JVC MOI file will convert to MPEG.

References & Resources