How to Convert M4V to MP4

By Art Corvelay

M4V is a video file extension that is used by videos downloaded from the Apple iTunes video store. Because these files are proprietary, they are often not compatible with non-Apple products. You can, however, easily convert M4V files to MP4 files if you have the right software for the conversion.

Things You'll Need

  • OJOsoft Total Video Converter

Step 1

Download and install OJOsoft Total Video Converter (see Resources), which will allow you to convert M4V into MP4.

Step 2

Load the M4V file that you want to convert by clicking the "Browse" button on the right-hand side of the input text box and choosing the file from your file viewfinder.

Step 3

Select the output format you want to convert the file into. Choose the "To MP4" button located across the top of the application.

Step 4

Select the MP4 profile. There is a drop-down menu named "MP4 Profile" where you can select various quality settings. Higher-quality videos will take longer to convert, however.

Step 5

Convert the file by pressing the "Convert" button located in the right-hand side of the application.

References & Resources