How to Convert OpenOffice to Excel

By Rebecca O'Brien

Open Office is a free content-production suite from Sun Microsystems that is comparable to Microsoft Office. The software is distributed with many new computers, especially those that have versions of Linux preinstalled. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office does not recognize most documents created in Open Office, including those created in the spreadsheet program Calc that you might want to open in Excel. You can easily convert them using Open Office, although it possible to do so without the software.

Things You'll Need

  • Open Office software
  • Internet connection

With Open Office

Step 1

Open the Open Office Calc document. It will have a file extension of ".ods".

Step 2

Make any necessary edits. To ensure that the document continues to be fully compatible with Open Office, make any changes and save it in Open Office format.

Step 3

Now save as an Excel document. Fro the "File" menu, select "Save As." In the dialogue box, select the Excel version you want to use from the "Save as Type" drop down menu. Note that you will only be able to save the file to be compatible with previous Excel versions (".xls") and not the newest version (".xlsx").

Step 4

Open the file with Excel to ensure that the information was converted correctly.

Without Open Office

Step 1

Log in to Google Docs. If you do not already have an account with Google, such as Gmail or YouTube, visit the Google Docs page (see Resources) to create one (it's free)..

Step 2

Upload the Open Office Calc file. On the main screen of the Google Docs page, click on "Upload". The next page will ask you to select the file you wish to upload and to name it.

Step 3

View the file. Return to your main Google Docs page and click on the newly uploaded file to view it.

Step 4

Export the file. Click on File, then Export and select ".xls" as the export type. You may see a download dialog box that will prompt you to save or view the file.

Step 5

When the conversion is complete, open the file with Excel to ensure that the information was converted correctly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Certain formulas will not transfer from Open Office and Excel. Additionally, any macros that were applied to the file will not be available after conversion.

References & Resources