How to Convert PowerPoint to Video for Free

By David Weedmark

You can convert your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to video for free using the video function built into PowerPoint 2010. The conversion process can take several hours if you have a large presentation. Microsoft suggests you start the process before going to bed and let it run during the night. If you are importing files from older versions of PowerPoint you will need to convert them before creating the video. When the video is finished you can burn it to a DVD, post it to YouTube or upload it to your own website.

Step 1

Create a PowerPoint presentation and save it. Do not include Macros or OLE/ActiveX controls in the presentation. These will not convert to video.

Step 2

Convert any media imported from older PowerPoint files by clicking on the "File" tab, then clicking on "Convert." QuickTime media inside the presentation will not convert to video unless you have installed an appropriate third-party utility that allows conversion.

Step 3

Adjust the settings for any animation in the presentation by clicking the "Animation" tab. Click "Play." Click "Start" in the Timing group and select "With Previous," then set the delay for the time you want the animation to begin.

Step 4

Save the PowerPoint presentation.

Step 5

Click the "File" menu and select "Save & Send." Click "Create a Video." The default setting is a video for "Computer & HD Displays" which is a large file size with high video quality. To see other options click the arrow beside this setting.

Step 6

Select "Portable Devices" to create a low quality video with a small file size. Select "Internet & DVD" to create a medium quality video with a medium file size.

Step 7

Select "Don't Use Recorded Timings and Narrations" if you do not have a voice narration or laser pointer in the slide show. If you do, click the arrow beside this setting and select "Use Recorded Timings and Narrations."

Step 8

Click "Create Video." Type a name for the video in the File name text field and select a folder to save the video. Click "Save." Wait for the video to be created. This may take several hours if it is a long presentation.