How to Convert PSW to DOC

By Alexis Lawrence

PSW is the file extension created by Pocket Word, Microsoft's portable edition of its popular Microsoft Word word processing software. Since Pocket Word is just a light version of Word, the .psw files created in Pocket Word can be opened and read in standard editions of Microsoft Word. It is also possible to save files with the .doc extension directly in Pocket Word. If you have a PSW file that you would like to turn into a DOC file and you don't have Microsoft Word or Pocket Word available, you can convert the file type online.

Step 1

Open the Media-Convert webpage. Media-Convert is a free online conversion program that converts many file types. It has the capability to convert between several text file formats, including PSW to DOC.

Step 2

Click on "Browse" next to "File." Locate the PSW file on your hard drive and click "Open" to upload the file into the converter. Media-Convert should recognize the file type and fill in the "Input format" section for you. If the auto file detection fails, you can select the PSW file type from the "Input format" menu. It is listed as "PocketWord (.psw)" under the "Text Document" category.

Step 3

Choose .doc as the output format. There are several file types with the .doc extension, such as "Microsoft Word 6.0 (.doc)" and "Microsoft Word 95 (.doc)." Choose the version of Word in which the file will be used.

Step 4

Rename the file. The box where you can type a new name for the file is available under the "Advanced Settings" portion of the screen and is labeled "Rename file to." If you do not type a name for the file, the DOC file will be saved with the same name as the original PSW file.

Step 5

Click "OK." The blue "OK" button accepts the Media-Convert terms of service and begins the conversion. A rectangle will appear on the screen, and the progress of the conversion will be monitored inside. When the conversion is done, you will be directed to a new screen with a downloadable link for your .doc file. Click the link, choose "Save as..." and save the .doc to your computer.

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