How to Convert Tudou Files to MP4

By Mitchell White is one of the largest video-streaming sites in the world. According to Tudou founders Gary Wang and Marc Van Der Chijs, the Chinese-based website streams more minutes of video monthly than YouTube. On Tudou, entire episodes of shows can be watched directly from the website. Registered users can upload videos in a variety of formats, including WMV, AVI, MOV and MPEG. The videos themselves will be in FLV format. So in order to play a file from Tudou with an MP4 player while not online, the file needs to be downloaded to your computer and converted with an appropriate program.

Step 1

Download the Tudou file you wish to convert. To do this, go to and input the web address of the Tudou video you want in the box marked "Input URl here."

Step 2

Hit the button next to the box. A new web link appears. Right-click on the link and click on "Save file as." Choose a new for the file and click "OK." This file will be in FLV format.

Step 3

Download a converter program like Format Factory (See Resources). Install the program by double-clicking on the installation file after download. Finish the installation; the program should run automatically.

Step 4

Choose the "Video" tab on the left, then hit the "All to mp4" button. Click "Add file" in the new window that appears. Find the file you saved earlier from the Tudou site. Double-click on it and hit "OK" in the "Add file" screen to go back to the main program screen.

Step 5

Look for your FLV file from the Tudou site to now be listed in the big box in the middle of the Format Factory program as being ready for conversion. Click on the "Start" button at the top of the screen to begin the conversion. When it is finished, click on "Outputfolder" to access your new mp4 file.