How to Convert TXT to PDF on a Mac

By Wesley DeBoy

Converting TXT to PDF on a Mac is useful when you wish to preserve the formatting and style of your TXT document. Doing so will make it so the document appears the same no matter what computer you open it with. You can conveniently convert TXT to PDF on a Mac using the "Save as PDF" feature available inside of the Print menu on all Macintosh computers.

Step 1

Open the TXT document you would like to convert to PDF on a Mac. Then click "File," and select "Print."

Step 2

Click the "PDF" button inside of the "Print" menu.

Step 3

Select "Save as PDF" from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking "PDF."

Step 4

Title the TXT document that you are converting to PDF on a Mac, and then click "Save." You have now successfully converted TXT to PDF on a Mac.