How to Convert Word to PDF on Mac

By Heather Mark

Is it possible to describe a new skill as crazy easy? Absolutely. Converting a Microsoft Word document to a PDF file is, without question, crazy easy. If you know how to print from Microsoft Word, than you already know how to save a file as a PDF.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Word document (file with a .doc extension)

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Word and open the document you would like to convert to a PDF.

Step 2

Go to "File" > "Print" or press "Command-P" to open the "Print" window. Don't click "Print."

Step 3

Click the "PDF" drop down menu on the bottom left of the window.

Step 4

Select "Save as PDF" from the menu.

Step 5

Choose a folder and file name for your new PDF and click save.