How to Convert WPS to PDF

By Michael Bryant

The file extension WPS indicates a document file created by Microsoft Works prior to 2006. Today's equivalent of the WPS is the DOC file. If you have a WPS document and want to convert it into a format readable by more computers, convert it to a PDF file. The simplest way to convert a WPS file to a PDF is to download free software that will perform the conversion for you.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Works. Click "File," then "Open" and locate the name of the WPS file and click it to open.

Step 2

Save the file with a DOC exension by clicking "File" and then "Save As." In the drop-down "Save as Type" box, select "Word 97-2000 & 6.0/95 - RTF (*.doc)" and then click "Save."

Step 3

Navigate to the Open Office website.

Step 4

Click "I want to download" to start the free download. Double-click the icon on your desktop and follow the directions to install OpenOffice.

Step 5

Click on the OpenOffice Writer icon on your desktop. Click "File," then "Open" and locate the name of the DOC file and click it to open.

Step 6

Click "File" and then "Export as PDF."

Tips & Warnings

  • After your file is saved as a PDF, you will be unable to edit it using OpenOffice software. Keep a copy of the file in DOC format in case you need to edit it later.