How to Copy a DVD-R

By Meaghan Ellis

The art of copying DVD-Rs is known as the digital variation of creating duplicate recording video tapes from a VCR. This technique is one of the latest trends sweeping the digital world. It serves as an excellent entertainment amenity and a viable way to save money. Copying DVD-Rs can be done in an adequate amount of time with minute manual labor, making the process more feasible and enjoyable. You can copy a DVD-R regardless of your level of computer experience.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD-R burning program
  • Movie files
  • Blank DVD-R discs

Step 1

Open the DVD burning program. This program's icon should be stored on your computer's desktop screen. Double click on its icon to open the program. You will be prompted to choose which action you desire to take. Choose the action that indicates copying a physical DVD-R.

Step 2

Insert the DVD. When the computer detects your DVD, all of its content will automatically register within your DVD burning program.

Step 3

Copy the movie files from the DVD. Click on the option that enables you to copy the content from the DVD. (Wording for this action may vary depending on the DVD burning program you are using.) When the copying process is complete, your computer will automatically eject the DVD. A pop-up window will appear on the screen.

Step 4

Insert a blank DVD-R into your computer's CD-ROM drive when the pop-up window appears with this prompt. Click "OK" in the pop-up window once you have placed the blank DVD-R into the CD-ROM drive.

Step 5

Copy the movie files to the blank DVD-R. Click on the "Copy" or "Start" option to begin the process. When the copying process is complete, the computer will automatically eject the DVD-R.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure your disc is not scratched or damaged. This ensures that the files will be copied correctly without any malfunctions or playback errors. If you do not have a DVD Copy/Burn program on your computer, click on the DVD Copy/Burn software link in Resources.
  • Be careful when transferring files to DVD-R. These disc cannot be erased and rewritten if errors occur during the copy process. Once the files are applied to the disc, the disc will be automatically locked.Always double check your files and the order they are stationed in for the copy process. Most movie files are split into parts, therefore, it is up to you to place these files in the order in which they come. Do not pause or halt the copy process. The DVD-R process cannot be resumed once you have begun. Most original copyrighted DVDs are locked and cannot be copied. Make sure the files you are attempting to copy to DVD-R are not copyrighted. The DVD you are attempting to copy must be a DVD-R.