How to Copy Photos From Snapfish To iPhoto

By Paul Kemp

Snapfish is an online photographic uploading and printing site. It allows you to create Web galleries for free and to share them across a number of social networking and other photo sharing sites, while also offering a number of options for printing and sending you hard copies of your photographs. Using your Safari Web browser, you can also quickly copy photographs from galleries uploaded to Snapfish to Apple's iPhoto photographic organizing program. This way you can have copies of your photographs both online and offline.

Things You'll Need

  • Snapfish account
  • Internet connection
  • Safari Web browser 2.0 or higher

Step 1

Open Safari and access your Snapfish account. From your main account page, select "Photos & Videos" near the upper left corner of the page and click on the album that has the photographs you want to copy to iPhoto.

Step 2

Open iPhoto.

Step 3

Click on the first photo you want to copy in the album to enlarge it to its normal size. Click while holding the "ctrl" key (or right-click if you have a right-clicking mouse) on the photo and choose "Add Image to iPhoto Library" from the resulting fly-out menu. IPhoto will automatically open and copy the selected photo into its library.

Step 4

Repeat Step Three with all of the photos you wish to copy to iPhoto.

Tips & Warnings

  • Snapfish offers two resolution options for uploading your photos: one is a fast, lower-resolution option and the other is a slower, higher-resolution option. It is important to remember that the photo you copy to iPhoto from your Snapfish gallery will be imported in the resolution in which you chose to upload it to Snapfish rather than the resolution you chose in your camera settings.