How to Copy Yahoo Mail to a Hard Drive

Yahoo! Mail is a free, Web-based email service offered by Yahoo! One of the appeals of Yahoo! Mail is that it's completely Internet based, and you can access all of your email messages from any computer that is connected to the Web. If you want to download these email messages to your hard drive for accessing while you're not online, there are at least three different programs you can use.

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Use Microsoft's Outlook Express. Outlook Express is a utility that may come already installed on PCs running the Windows XP operating system and is available with the Microsoft Office productivity package of software. When you set up a new account in Outlook Express, the utility will download all of the email messages (both sent and received) from your Yahoo! Mail account and store them on your hard drive.


Download Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail is the successor to Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express utilities, and is available for free on Microsoft's website. As with Outlook and Outlook Express, once you use the "New Account" feature in Windows Live Mail to input the user name and password for your Yahoo! Mail account, all messages associated with your account are downloaded from the server to your hard drive for use both online and offline.


Use Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a free program designed by the same people who make the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Once the installation file is downloaded and installed to your computer, you are prompted to setup a new email account the first time you load the program. Thunderbird then regularly checks your Yahoo! Mail account for you and downloads new sent and received messages as they become available.

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