How to Create a Drop-Down Menu in KompoZer

By Kevin Lee

Adding a drop-down menu to an HTML document helps visitors navigate around your website. You can code a drop-down menu manually or use a tool that creates the menu automatically. The free KompoZer HTML editor helps you create professional-looking drop-downs without the headache of writing all the HTML code from scratch.

Step 1

Launch KompoZer and press **Ctrl-N** to view a file selection window. Find an HTML file you would like to edit in that list and double click that file. KompoZer opens the file and displays it in the editing window.

Step 2

Click the **Normal** tab to put the program into design mode. In this mode you can see the Web page as it would look in a browser.

Step 3

Find a location in the document in which to place a drop-down menu and click that point to activate the cursor.

Step 4

Click the **Insert** menu, click **Form**, then click **Selection List** to open the Selection List Properties window.

Step 5

Type a name for the drop-down menu in the **List Name** text box. Click the **Multiple Selection** check box if you want multiple items in the drop-down.

Step 6

Click **Add Option** to view the Text box, which allows you to enter the text for drop-down items. Type the first item into this text box. If you want the item to appear as the selected item when your Web page first opens, click to enable the **Initially Selected** check box.

Step 7

Repeat this process to add items to the drop-down menu. Click **OK** when done. KompoZer displays your new drop-down menu on the document.

Step 8

Add navigation links to the text you entered. Highlight a few words of text. On the Composition toolbar click the **Link** button to open the Link Properties window. Select **Choose File**, browse to the HTML file, click **Open** and then click **OK**.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set your drop-down's font style or size by clicking the drop-down to highlight it, then click "Format." A menu appears that allows you to choose different font names and text sizes.