How to Create a Google Account

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Google started as a search engine and since has added many applications. All these applications are available to you once you set up your Google account. Setting up an account is easy.

Step 1

Point your web browser to the main Google web page. The main Google page is the starting point for searches and other applications and features. You can sign up for an account, manage your Gmail or start a Google group from here.

Step 2

Find "Sign In" at the top right-hand corner. This is a link and will lead you to where you can sign into an account or create one.

Step 3

Fill out the required form. Google ask you for a current email address, password, word verification and location. They also have the terms of service. You must read and agree to these before going on.

Step 4

Verify your email address. Once you have submitted the completed form, Google will generate an email to your email address. It will have a web address that you must visit to verify that you received the email.

Step 5

Log in to your new Google Account. Use the email address and password that you selected during sign-up. You now have access to all the Google features.

Step 6

Explore your new Google account features, including email, groups and the personalized homepages.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read the Terms of Service. Your account can be suspended or deleted for violation.

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