How to Create a Kids' Magazine

By Carl Hose

Independent magazines come and go these days. The Internet and the availability of desktop publishing software make it easy for almost anyone to create and publish a magazine. The success of an independent magazine depends on the size of the subscriber base, which is dictated by the popularity of the magazine's subject matter. Magazines aimed at kids are always in demand. Find out how you can create a kids' magazine that will capture the interest of your target audience and result in a profitable publication.

Things You'll Need

  • ComputerPrinterDesktop publishing software

How to Create a Kids' Magazine

Step 1

Design the layout and content of your magazine. Most magazines have regular columns that draw readers in month after month. A magazine for kids may include regular columns for advice, fashion tips, and what's new in movies and music. Choose an appropriate name for your magazine. The name should express the intent of your magazine or should describe your target audience. The name should appeal to kids without being too childish. Just because your target audience is young doesn't mean they aren't intelligent.

Step 2

Use desktop publishing software to lay your magazine out. You can purchase high-end software like Adobe InDesign or use a free desktop publishing software like Serif PagePlus (see resources). You can even use Microsoft Word if you have it. Either of these programs will allow you to create the layout of your kids' magazine. Keep in mind that kids will get very attached to a particular format, so you want to keep the pages of your magazine set up consistently, Think about creating a design template based on the final layout of the first issue of your magazine that you can use for successive issues.

Step 3

Create text content and visual content. You can do all of this yourself if you have a talent for writing, photography, or drawing. If not, you'll need to hire a writer, illustrator, and photographer. Work together to create kid-friendly content. Try to include at least two photos or illustrations with every article. This is a magazine for kids, after all, and kids are visual. Illustrations and photographs will make an article more interesting. Always be sure to secure permission to use any copyrighted material, and if you shoot pictures of a child for your magazine, have a permission release signed by the child's parents and keep it on file.

Step 4

Test market your first issue. Pass out mock-up copies to parent to gauge parent approval, but most important, pass out copies to kids. How do they react? Does the material hold their interest? Do they like the colors and graphics? Make any changes to the magazines layout or format that may be suggested by your test marketing. When you're satisfied with the magazine itself, it's time to build a website to promote the first issue and build your subscriber database.