How to Create a Monogram Using Photoshop

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Monograms can either be a couple's combined initials or the initials of one person's name. They're popular when incorporated into wedding celebrations but are also wonderful to display on stationary or in your home decor. Using Photoshop to create monograms allows you the ability to create many different styles easily.

Step 1

Open a blank canvas in Photoshop.

Step 2

Select the "Type" tool, which looks like a capital "T," from the shortcut menu.

Step 3

Set the font to a color and simple font that you like. Standard fonts like times new roman and century gothic work well, but you can also download many free font files.

Step 4

Spell out the person's first name for a single monogram, or both first names if you're creating a couple's monogram.

Step 5

Add a new layer by selecting the small page icon on the "Layer Palette" menu.

Step 6

Choose the "Type" tool again. Choose a script font that you like, such as splendid or vivaldi. The style of the script font can vary based on personal preference and how formal you want the monogram to look. You can choose the same font used in Step 3 if you want a more modern monogram.

Step 7

Type the last initial of the couple or the person for whom you're creating the monogram. If a monogram is for a couple, use the first letter of their last name if they're married and share the same last name. Otherwise, use the first initial of each of their last names to create a combined monogram.

Step 8

Drag the layer with the initial by using the arrow tool from the toolbar. Place the initial where you think it looks best. If the initial appears too dark, change the color or opacity in the "Layer Palette."

Step 9

Embellish the monogram by adding dots or other items in coordinating colors. Lines, swirls and dates are commonly found with monograms, but you can also add small dingbats to coordinate with a theme, such as fleur de lis or a small sea shell. You can also keep the monogram simple so the focus is simply on the monogram itself.

Step 10

Change the fonts by making the text layer active. Click on it on the "Layer Palette" menu, select the font and make changes as you see fit. You can create many different styles using the same simple steps and adding or taking elements out.