How to Create a Multipart PowerPoint Slide

By Craig Witt

PowerPoint is a widely used presentation program developed by Microsoft. Designed for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, PowerPoint created slide shows that enhance presentations in educational and business settings. One of the most popular visual effects in PowerPoint is staggering the display of different parts of a slide, loading elements sequentially instead of all at once.

Step 1

Select the object you want to reveal. The staggered display effect is most commonly used to reveal a list of bullet points one at a time; this example covers that scenario, but applies to any other type of PowerPoint object as well. Click the object containing the bulleted list once to select it.

Step 2

Add an animation effect. Click "Slide Show" in the menu near the top of your screen, then click "Custom Animation." For the purpose of this example, click the "Add Effect" button, select "Entrance," then click "Fade" to generate the fade-in effect.

Step 3

Set animation effect options. Creating an effect adds it to the list shown in the Custom Animation task pane. If the animation you just created is the first one added to your presentation it will appear with a "1" next to it. Open the Options dialog box by right-clicking on the effect labeled "1" and selecting "Effect Options." A range of parameters can be adjusted here, including sounds, timing, and text animation. This example requires text adjustments, so click the "Text Animation" tab. Set the "Group Text" option to "By 1st Level Paragraphs" and click "OK."

Step 4

Preview your slide. Press the "F5" key to view your presentation in Slide Show mode. Notice that the bullet points fade in, in order, each time you left-click your mouse or press a key. Repeat the previous three steps to apply animation effects to any object in your PowerPoint presentation.