How to Create a Numbered List in Pages

By David Weedmark

Numbered lists in Apple Pages work much the same as word processors like Microsoft Word. Typing "1." and then some text is Pages' cue that you are starting a list. However if you type "2." or "1" without a period, Pages v.5 won't automatically begin creating a list unless you specify what you want in the Format drawer. Once you know how to tell Pages what kind of list you want and how you want it formatted, the process becomes quite easy.

Basic Numbered Lists

Step 1

Open a document in Pages. Place the cursor where you want the list to begin, type "1." followed by a space and the item in your list. Press "Return" and Pages automatically begins the next line with "2."

Step 2

Press "Return" after each item in your list to have Pages continue numbering them. When you get to the last line, press "Return" twice to have Pages stop automatically adding numbers.

Step 3

Begin a second list using the same method, beginning with "1." If you want to begin a list with a different number, you'll need to specify the list you want using the Format options.

Advanced Number List Techniques

Step 1

Type any list, pressing "Return" after each item. Highlight the list with the cursor. Click the "Bullets & Lists" drop-down arrow in the Format drawer to see all of your list options.

Step 2

Click the "Bullets & Lists" menu in the Format drawer and select "Numbered." Of course, you can also create lists using other symbols from this menu, including letters, bullets and dashes.

Step 3

Click the "Numbers" menu that appears directly below the Bullets & Lists menu. Select the number style you want for this list.

Step 4

Click the "Start From" radio button if you want the list to begin with any number other than "1." Type your preferred number in the "Start From" text field. If this list is a continuation of a previous list in the same document, you can simply select the "Continue From Previous" option.

Step 5

Add sub-lists to any list by pressing the "Tab" key before typing an item. Pages automatically indents the number to the right and begins a new list using the same format. To change the format for any sub-list, highlight the items and select a new format from the "Numbers" menu. When working in lists, pressing "Tab" always creates a new sub-list. Pressing "Shift-Tab" moves the cursor to the left and Pages resumes the previous list.

Step 6

Move any item in a list to a new position by clicking its number and then dragging the number to a new position in the list.

Step 7

Combine different list formats as desired. For example, you can begin with a numbered list, have bullets in a sub-list, and numbers or letters in a second sub-list. To change the indents Pages uses for any list or sub-list, place the cursor on the line you want to change and then use the "Indent" menu in the Format tab. You can change the indent for the number as well as the text following that number. To change the size of a number or symbol used for the list, click the "Size" menu.

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