How to Create a Salutation in My ITunes Address

If you didn't enter the correct salutation when you opened your iTunes account, you may want to amend it. You may be tired of Apple calling you "Mr." when you're a "Mrs." or you may need to update your billing information to match the details held by your credit card provider. Your salutation is part of the billing information in your iTunes account -- you can change it from your computer in iTunes, or from the Settings menu or App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

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Change Salutation in ITunes

Open iTunes and sign in to your account. Select "View Account" from the Store menu and, if prompted, enter your password again. In the Apple ID Summary area, select "Edit" next to your billing address. Your current salutation is in the first of the address fields -- select the up or down arrows until you find the title you want. Select "Done" to save the change and update your account.

Change Salutation on an IPhone or IPad

Tap "Settings" and then "iTunes & App Store." Or, from the App Store, select "Featured" and swipe down to the bottom of the screen. Sign in to your Apple account if prompted, then select the "Apple ID" field. Select "View Apple ID" and sign in to your account again. Tap "Payment Information," go to the Billing Address area and tap on "Title." Swipe through the list of salutations, tap the title you want, then tap "Done" to update your account details.

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