How to Create a Stick Figure in Visio

By Breann Kanobi

Microsoft Visio software lets you create flowcharts and diagrams consisting of shapes, text, hyperlinks and arrows. The program includes a number of basic and complex shapes from a simple circle to a stick figure. If you wish to create an original stick figure, connect several shapes until they resemble a human figure. If you prefer the program's original shapes, add the stick figure shape to your drawing.

Step 1

Open Visio and click on the **New File** button. Click the **Open Template** button and scroll to Diagram.

Step 2

Look through the Shapes window and left-click on a circular shape. Drag the shape into the center of the diagram and release the mouse button.

Step 3

Resize the shape, if desired. Click on the bottom corner of the shape until a green box appears. Drag the bottom corner of the green box inward to shrink the shape. Drag it outward to increase the size of the shape.

Step 4

Connect the circular shape to a long, oval or rectangle. Click the **Connector** tool and left-click the oval or rectangle. Drag the oval or rectangle under the circle. Release the mouse button.

Step 5

Click the **Connector** tool on a long, vertical rectangle. Drag and drop the rectangle so it rests on the bottom-right corner of the torso. Add another rectangle on the bottom-left corner of the torso.

Step 6

Add the automatic stick figure to a diagram or flow chart. Click inside the **Search** bar and enter **People**. Left-click on the **People** shape and drag it on to the diagram or flowchart.