How to Create a Straight Talk Account

Straight Talk is a pre-paid mobile phone only available from Walmart stores. The service requires no contracts or credit checks. There are no monthly fees since you pay as you go and roaming fees are non-existent since the service area covers the entire United States. Your phone, however, will not work outside of the United States. As of June 2011, the unlimited plan is $45 paid monthly by a prepaid card or a credit/debit card and includes unlimited talk minutes, messaging and Web use.

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Direct your browser to the Straight Talk website and click "Activate/Reactivate" located at the top of the page. There will be options to activate your phone with a new number or to transfer your number from another Straight Talk account or a completely different company. Click "Continue" once you have selected your option.


Enter your serial number located on the red activation card that came with your phone and then enter your zip code. If you have a service card to add time to your phone, enter the PIN below the zip code box.


Click "Continue" to create a new account. Enter your personal information, including a credit card if you wish to use it add minutes or usage on your phone in the future.

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