How to Create a Twitter Hashtag

By Marina Martin

A Twitter hashtag is a way to categorize or add context to a particular Twitter message. Each hashtag is a single word or a phrase with no spaces, preceded by the "#" sign, such as #egypt or #joke. You can use a hashtag to indicate you're participating in an organized chat, such as #seochat, or simply to indicate that your tweet is sarcastic by adding #sarcasm to the end. Search for a hashtag on Twitter search or use a third-party tracking service to find all tweets containing a specific hashtag.

Step 1

Log into Twitter.

Step 2

Compose a new tweet in the "What's Happening?" box.

Step 3

Type the "#" sign, immediately followed by your desired hashtag keyword or keyword phrase. For example, #apple or #poll. Come up with your own hashtag or use a relevant hashtag that you see in others' tweets.

Step 4

Click "Tweet" to send your tweet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Twitter search results only go back a few days' time. Automatically track mentions of a hashtag over time using a tool such as or
  • Twitter's new interface automatically links hashtags to their search result pages. If you include special characters in your hashtag, this link will break. Limit hashtags to letters, numbers and underscores, with no spaces.
  • While it's fine to include two or three relevant hashtags in the same tweet, using too many hashtags can seem like spam to your followers.