How to Create Email Templates in Dreamweaver

By Contributing Writer

Take advantage of Dreamweaver's template feature to increase your production speed and create HTML email templates, newsletters or any kind of website. Avoid repetitive content editing or Web layout design in multiple pages by creating and utilizing a template. This feature is ideal for Web designers or content editors. This article will instruct the reader on how to create an email template utilizing Dreamweaver 8. You can use this article for making a new website or newsletter as well.

Step 1

Simply download a premade email template from the email template website provided in the Resources section of this article. You can design HTML email by yourself. This article is focused on how to create a template part, not how to design.

Step 2

Open up one of the templates (HTML file) from the downloaded folder in Dreamweaver.

Step 3

Make an Editable Region by selecting an area or an image where you will expect to change the content later. Go to "Insert," "Template Objects" and "Editable Region." Name the new Editable Region and hit "OK."

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 as many times as you like.

Step 5

Go to "File," "Save as Template" and name the template file.

Step 6

Close the template file.

Step 7

Open a brand-new HTML file in Dreamweaver.

Step 8

Go to "File," "Modify" and "Templates," and select the template you just saved.

Step 9

Make changes in the Editable Regions you created.

Step 10

Go to "File," "Save," name the HTML file and hit "Save."

Step 11

If you need to change the noneditable area, open up the template file.

Step 12

Make edits in an area that is not selected as "Editable Region."

Step 13

Go to "File" and "Save All." Make sure to update all files based on this template; hit "Update."

Step 14

Repeat Steps 11 to 13 as needed for template edits.