How to Create Evites Using Adobe

By Carol Adams

Evites have become increasingly popular to mark an event or special occasion, rather that sending out traditional cards. Evites reduce paper waste and demonstrate how technologically up-to-date you are. You can use online companies to create evites that are then sent via email to the people you select, but you have greater control over the process, and you can save money besides, by creating your own evite using Adobe Photoshop.

Step 1

Load an image that you would like to use in your evite onto your computer.

Step 2

Open Photoshop. Select "File" and from the menu choose "New." In the dialog that appears, make the pixel width and height what you want for your evite. This can vary, but a size of 400x300 pixels works well. Click "OK."

Step 3

Select the "Paint Bucket" tool from the tools and use it to fill the canvas with the color you want for the background of your card. For example, if you are inviting someone to a baby shower you might use pink or blue, whereas for a Christmas party you might use green or red.

Step 4

Select "File" from the menu and choose "Open." In the dialog that appears, locate the image that you loaded and open it. Right-click on the background layer in the "Layers" palette and choose "Duplicate." Select the evite document as the "Destination."

Step 5

Go back to the evite document and select the top layer. Select the "Scale" tool (found under "Edit") and use it to resize the image so it leaves an empty area on the left that you can use for text.

Step 6

Select the "Type" tool from the tools. In the tool options under the menu, choose the font style you want to use for the evite. Cursive is a good choice. Also choose the size and color of the text.

Step 7

Type in the text for your evite. Make sure you make clear who you are and, as the case may be, the event you are celebrating, what event the person is being invited to and when it is occurring. Save your work as a JPEG.

Step 8

Create your email in your email provider. Add the evite as an attachment and send it.

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