How to Create Fill-In Forms With Microsoft Word 2010

By Ray Padgett

One of the many features of Microsoft Word 2010 is the ability to create fill-in forms. These are forms than users can add information to by clicking empty boxes. Setting up Word 2010 to display the necessary options is a little complicated, but after some preparation, the form-creating itself is simple. It will likely involve some trial and error to make it look the way you want it to.

Step 1

Click "File," “Options,” then “Customize Ribbon.” Check the “Developer” box for a pop-up toolbar.

Step 2

Select "File," “New,” then “ Templates.” Choose a form template, or start one from scratch.

Step 3

Add text controls where you want users to type in text. Under the “Controls” group in the Developer toolbar, you’ll see the option to add Rich Text Content or Basic Text Content. You drag a box in your form to create a text entry space.

Step 4

Add drop-down boxes to your form (if applicable). You’ll find these labeled as “Drop-Down List Content Control” in the Controls group. Click it, then type in the drop-down selection before adding it to your document.

Step 5

Insert check boxes into your form (if applicable). “Check Box Content Control” lets you insert the basic boxes. Position them in your document next to the text they accompany.

Step 6

Type the non-form content (for instance instructions or labels). Your form probably looks like a mess of boxes and controls. Use “Design Mode” under the same Controls group to move your elements around until they look right. Click anywhere to add another basic text box for instructions or labels.