How to Create OneNote Templates

By Tiesha Whatley

Microsoft OneNote is an essential program for keeping up with all of your little pieces of information in one location. It is like an electronic notebook, and its templates allow you to easily re-create the same document over and over again without setting up it each time you need it. OneNote templates comes in handy because you will have easy access to the type of notebooks you create often without wasting time setting it up numerous times.

Step 1

Create a new document in OneNote. Click on "File > New > Page."

Step 2

Set up the main document. Add styles, wording, images and formatting for how you want the shell notebook to be. All of this information should be easily adaptable to different types of notebooks so that you can use the template over and over again. Make everything very basic with not so much personalization.

Step 3

Open up the "Page Setup" task pane. Click on "File > Page Setup." The "Page Setup" task pane appears on the right-hand side.

Step 4

Scroll to the bottom of the pane and click on "Save current page as a template." The "Save as Template" dialog box appears.

Step 5

Name the template by typing a name in the Template Name box. Click "Save."