How to Create PES Files

By Greyson Ferguson

PES files are created by embroidery programs, designed to help you customize your own stitching patterns on a computer, before performing it on a quilt or other piece of fabric. In order to create the file format you must have an embroidery program installed, most of which you are able to find at your local arts and craft store.

Step 1

Open the embroidery program you have installed on the computer.

Step 2

Select the "Outline" option. This allows you to draw the outline of your stitch pattern. It is the same as the "Pen" tool in image editing programs, such as Paint and Illustrator.

Step 3

Click "File," "Save" and a save window loads onto the screen.

Step 4

Title the document, then select a location to save it to. Click "OK" and the program creates and saves your .pes file.

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