How to Create Your Own Countdown Timer

By Diana Braun

The big event is days, weeks, months or maybe more than a year away, yet you can't wait. Holidays, weddings, vacations, baby due dates and special events are just some of the reasons to create your own countdown timer. One such program that allows you to make a countdown timer is TimeLeft. It's free to download and use and comes with many features such as customizable skins, messages and audio reminders.

Things You'll Need

  • TimeLeft Freeware

Step 1

Download and install TimeLeft Freeware. Once installation has completed, an icon (clock) for the program will appear in the system tray.

Step 2

Right-click the TimeLeft icon in the tray and select "My countdowns" from the menu. The TimeLeft Main Window will launch.

Step 3

Select "Countdown" and click "Add." This will launch the countdown settings window. Under the Countdown tab (default tab), enter the "Countdown till date and time" (the date and time you are counting down to) and "Title." Select a "Layout" and "Skin." You can select whether you want your countdown to display minutes and seconds or only months and days.

Step 4

Select the "Advanced" tab from the countdown settings window. Determine what rules you want to run. You can select how often you want the countdown to run (once, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) and at what time you want the countdown to start. You can also specify whether you want a reminder message to display and when you want that message to appear. Check the box to "Enable countdown" located at the top of the window. When finished editing advanced settings, click "Apply" and then "OK."

Step 5

View countdown clock as a floating window on your desktop.

Tips & Warnings

  • TimeLeft Delux comes with additional features, including the ability to export your countdown to a website. This version isn't free; a single-user license costs $24.95.

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