How to Create Your Own Masthead Banner

By Daniel Ketchum

Businesses and organizations use newsletters to keep their staff and employees apprised of what is going on, describing past and current events and discussing future ones. These newsletters also help create a greater sense of community within the organization. One of the major components to a newsletter is the masthead banner. The masthead banner sits at the top of the newsletter page and contains the name of the newsletter and the company or organization's logo, as well as the number of the issue.

Things You'll Need

  • word processor

Step 1

Load any graphic or image that you want to use in the masthead onto your computer by transferring it from a digital source like a camera or CD, or by scanning it in.

Step 2

Open the word processing program you are using to create your newsletter. Go to the "Insert" options and insert a header. If your program offers the option, choose a blank one.

Step 3

Click inside the header. Click on the "Draw Table" function and use it to draw a table that fills most of your header, leaving a small space at the bottom. Make the color of the table cell whatever you want for the background of your masthead banner.

Step 4

Select the "Text" tool and draw or insert a text box inside the header. Click inside this and type in the title of your newsletter. Use a large and easy to read font and a text color that shows well against the background color.

Step 5

Click inside the masthead banner, but outside the text box, and use the picture insert function to insert the image that you loaded in Step 1.

Step 6

Create two smaller text boxes inside the masthead banner, placing one in the lower left corner and the other in the lower right corner. Enter the page number in one and the issue number in the other. You can now create your columns and write your articles.