How to Crop a Photo in Adobe Photoshop

By Filonia LeChat

One of the benefits of cropping a photo with Adobe Photoshop is the speed with which you can perform the task. Unlike some of Photoshop's more complex selection tools, choosing an area to crop in Photoshop is as quick as drawing a square around a segment of the picture and pressing the Enter key. Cropping works best when you want to reduce the size or change the shape of a picture.

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop. Select the "File" menu. Select the "Open" option. Click on a photo file name.

Step 2

Click the "View" menu and select "Fit on Screen" so you can see the entire image.

Step 3

Click the "Crop" tool, which looks like two crossed right angles and is the fifth icon from the top of the "Tools" column. The cursor changes to the crop icon.

Step 4

Draw a dotted rectangle or square around the part of the photo that you want to keep. A nine-square grid with blinking dotted lines appears over the image and the to-be-cropped area turns dark.

Step 5

Press the Enter key on the keyboard to crop the photo. Go to "File" then click "Save" to save the crop to the original picture, or select "Save As" to create a new picture from the cropped image.