How to Cut and Paste

Learning how to cut and paste can make your life on the computer much easier. It saves time and is more accurate that retyping the information, particularly if you do it several times. If you know how to highlight words on your computer, you can easily copy sections of text and paste them somewhere else.

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Open a text document or an email that contains some type.


Click at the end of the block of text you located in Step 1 and drag with your mouse back to the beginning of the text to highlight the entire block of type you wish to copy. Release the mouse. The selected area should be highlighted in a color, usually blue.


Right-click the mouse on the highlighted text and a drop-down menu appears. Select "Cut" to copy the highlighted text and remove it from its original position. Select "Copy" to copy the highlighted text and leave it in its original position.

Paste the text you copied. Right-click in an editable text box and select "Paste" from the drop-down menu. The text appears in its new location.

Alternatively, highlight the text and hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while you press the "X" key to cut the text or the "C" key to copy the text. These keyboard shortcuts copy the text that is highlighted. To paste it, click in a text box and use the "Ctrl" and "V" shortcut to paste.

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