How to Data Mine

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Whereas data mining once was considered more of a hyped up concept, nowadays it's considered to be a useful and reliable tool for businesses and organizations. Considering people used to be less transient, it was easier for companies and other groups to keep track of the type of consumers they serviced and their buying patterns. Now with organization sizes, people don't know their customers. Data mine to evaluate customer habits.

Step 1

See that data mining refers to various types of information gathering. Know the most common forms of data mining involve using data miner software for monitoring/analyzing computer user activity either to examine a company's own users or unknown web users.

Step 2

Find that organizations use spyware programs to monitor Internet users' activities for directed advertising and for other purposes. People usually unwittingly upload spyware on to their computers, and these programs monitor their surfing habits and mine other information about them.

Step 3

Understand that data mining has different purposes as well. Data mine "Google" reader feeds, for instance. Set your search parameters and discover trends. Uncover what sort of person likes a certain type of sports car, for example, and look at their surfing or mention trends to find out which auto company is most popular. Observe patterns and gain insight.

Step 4

Predict consumer behaviors and outcomes for your company or organization. Follow a data mining process to scientifically data mine: exploration, pattern determination and deployment.

Step 5

Employ the exploration phase for data preparation by organizing data types, variables and features to better manage data. Build models and validate. Try applying various models to data to see what works best for determining patterns or trends. Deploy chosen models to new data sets and measure against expected outcomes.