How to Decorate Email

By Techwalla Internet Editor

With all the special features available in basic email programs, there's no reason to send a boring email. Use one feature or a combination of several to create email that stands out from all the rest. Follow these tips to decorate an email.

Step 1

Insert a photo into your email page. Most programs allow you to insert photos stored on your hard drive. You can add one directly into your email or attach it to go with the email letter.

Step 2

Place clip art or line drawings into your email. Many email programs come with various drawings or cartoons that you can use. You may be able to insert symbols, shapes or smiley faces as well. Look under "Insert" if you can't find these on your email toolbar.

Step 3

Add a colored background to your email page. You can often change the background color to another color in the "Insert" section of your toolbar. Pick a color over which the typing will show.

Step 4

Change the font in your email letter. You can choose bold, italic or underline to make the font look slightly different. You can also change the style or size. Some font styles are fancy, like handwriting. Change the color as well. Remember to choose a color that shows up on the background you are using.

Step 5

Add emoticons to your email page. Emoticons are symbols or icons that represent feelings. You can send smiley faces to show happiness or sad faces to show sorrow.

Step 6

Send your email on fancy paper. Instead of just changing the background color, you can choose a theme like Christmas or birthday. Your email will have a heading or background color and ink to match the theme you have chosen.

Step 7

Choose a special effect for your email. Play music in your email by adding a sound clip or add sparkly words or a signature. Look in "Insert" for these features or go to "Help" and type the feature into the search box.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use "Help" to find new ways of decorating your email.
  • The person receiving your email might not get everything you sent if they have a different email program.