How to Delete a Book From the Shelf of an iPad

By David Weedmark

Save storage space and make it easier to read new titles by removing old books from your iPad's iBooks app.

Save storage space and make it easier to sort through your collection of e-books by removing old books from the iBooks app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 8. The same process applies to each device. If you decide you want to read the book again, you can re-download it at any time for free.

Step 1

Launch the iBooks app. Select My Books and then tap Select.

Step 2

Select one or more books to delete.

Select one or more books that you want to delete from the iPad. A check mark in a blue circle appears in the bottom corner. If you tap the wrong title, tap it again to deselect it.

Step 3

Tap Delete.

Tap Delete and then tap the Delete This Copy confirmation link that appears. The selected titles are removed from the bookshelf.

Restoring Deleted Titles

Download the book again to restore deleted titles.

To put a deleted title back on the iBooks bookshelf, tap the Purchased icon and then select Not on This iPad. Scroll through the titles and then click the Download icon beside the one you want restored.


If you have a large collection of books, you can organize the bookshelf into categories to make them easier to find instead of deleting titles. Tap the All Books icon above the bookshelf and then select New Collection. You can then use the same All Books icon to view books by categories.


If you delete an e-book, document or PDF that came from a source other than the Apple iBooks Store, you'll need to go to that source again to restore it to the bookshelf.