How to Delete a Facebook Virus on a Mac

By Krystle Vermes

Macintosh operating systems are highly immune to viruses, but there are some Trojans and other types of spyware that can maneuver their way into your computer. When an outside source such as Facebook downloads an unwanted virus onto your Mac, you can easily remove it yourself. There are also free programs available to Mac users on the Web that can help you keep your computer clean and running smoothly.

Step 1

Open the Finder window. Under Devices in the left side bar, select your Macintosh hard drive.

Step 2

Double-click on the Library folder. Look for the folder that says "Internet Plug-Ins" and double-click on it to view its contents. This is where sites download malicious viruses onto your Mac.

Step 3

Look for any plug-ins that have been installed onto your computer without your permission. The most common Trojan known to be harmful to Macs is titled "plugin.settings". Drag this file immediately into the Trash for removal. Remove any other suspicious plug-ins by dragging them into the Trash and then emptying it for permanent deletion.

Step 4

Delete all suspicious Facebook applications from your account. To be as safe as possible, removing all outside applications is best. Do not grant applications the permission to access your information and computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • The most popular Facebook virus, known as Koobface, does not affect Macintosh computers. It is not necessary to run a sweep or virus scan for it.
  • Look for free programs, such as MacJanitor and ClamXav, to routinely clean up your computer.
  • Delete the cookies and cache regularly from your browsers to keep your Mac running as smoothly as possible.