How to Delete Available Credit in QuickBooks

By William Pullman

Recording an incorrect customer credit in QuickBooks can result in confusion and lost profit. The credit memos used to record customer credits have editing controls, which you can use to delete customer credit from the financial software. When you delete a credit memo from QuickBooks, a record of the credit memo is also removed from the account register.

Step 1

Click "Customers" in the My Shortcuts menu to open the Customer Center window, then click the name of the customer with an available credit.

Step 2

Click the "Transactions" tab, scroll through the list of transactions and double-click the credit memo to view it.

Step 3

Click "Delete" in the toolbar, and then confirm deleting the memo by clicking "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't know the name of the customer, click "Lists," "Charts of Accounts" and then "Accounts Receivable" to locate the credit memo. Credit memos appear on the Accounts Receivable list as "CREDMEM."