How to Delete Comcast Voice Mail Messages

By Christell York

Comcast offers Digital Voice phone service for home and business customers in the United States. Voice mail is a feature of the phone service that allows you to never miss a call. You can check your Comcast voice mail from any phone. Deleting your messages removes them from your voice mail box; once they are deleted and the call is disconnected you will no longer have access to those messages.

Step 1

Dial "*99" from your home phone or dial your Comcast phone number from any other phone to access your voicemail. If calling from another phone press "#" when your greeting begins to play.

Step 2

Enter your password when prompted. The main menu options will begin to play. Select the menu option you desire for message playback.

Step 3

Dial "77" on the phone's keypad to delete the desired message(s). You can delete a message during playback or after the message has finished playing. You can disconnect from voice mail by hanging up the phone.