How to Delete Contacts in Gmail

Gmail--the free web email account provided by Google--enables you to store a number of contacts and organize them in groups. When you store contacts, you can add them to outgoing email quickly and easily without typing the contact information over and over again. You may need to remove contacts from your Gmail account if you are no longer interested in communicating with specific people.

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Log on to your Gmail account and open your Contacts list by clicking "Contacts" on the left side of the page. You should see a list of the contacts in your email account.


Select the contact you want to remove and click "Delete Contact" on the top of the page. When prompted, click "OK" to confirm and remove the contact from your Gmail account. Repeat this step to remove additional contacts.


Select your contact in the Contact list if you want to remove the contact from a group. Open the "Groups" drop-down menu. Select the group you'd like to remove the contact from under "Remove from...."

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