How to Delete Google Map History

By Sylvia Cini

Google Maps provides users with free access to street maps, driving directions and public-transit information. Although you do not need an account to access this service, signing up for a free membership allows you to save locations, create maps and collaborate on group projects. Just keep in mind that the information you provide may be shared with other Google products. For example, saving your location in Maps allows Google Search to customize queries for your region. (e.g., a search for "movies" would result in a listing of theaters and showtimes near you). To prevent Google from sharing sensitive information in this manner, you may wish to clear your Web history regularly.

Things You'll Need

  • Google maps account

Delete Google Maps History

Step 1

Navigate to Google: History (see Resources).

Step 2

Select "Maps" from the left menu. This will take you to a complete listing of the searches you performed through Google Maps.

Step 3

Click "Remove Items" at the bottom of the left menu. Several ways exist to delete items from your history. Check off individual entries, select all by clicking "All", click "Select All" under a particular date to highlight the records from that date, or choose "Clear entire web history" to obliterate all records.

Step 4

Press "Remove" when you have the records selected for deletion. No confirmation option or undo procedure exists, so be sure that you have selected the correct entries.

Tips & Warnings

  • Opting to clear your entire history will also remove entries from the drop-down menu in Google maps.
  • Read the "Terms and Conditions" carefully when registering to use online services.