How to Delete iBooks From a Purchased List

By Avery Martin

Removing a purchased iBook from your Purchased List in iTunes can reduce clutter and make it easier to find the books you want. While you can't delete a purchased item from the list, you can hide any item that you no longer want to see. Hiding your purchases does not delete the items from your history. You can always go back and unhide the purchase if you decide later that you want to download the item. Hiding a purchase in the Purchased List in the iTunes Store doesn't delete the book from your library.

Hide Purchases

Step 1

Launch iTunes and select the "iTunes Store" button in the menu bar. If you enabled the option to show the sidebar located under the View menu, select the "iTunes Store" link in the sidebar.

Step 2

Click the "Books" tab.

Step 3

Select the "Purchased" link in the Books Quick Links sidebar.

Step 4

Hover over the book you want to delete and click the "X" to hide the book from your purchased list.

Step 5

Click the "Hide" button to confirm that you want to hide the book.

Unhide Purchases

Step 1

Launch iTunes and access the iTunes Store. Select the "Store" menu and choose "View Account" from the drop-down menu. Provide your password, if prompted.

Step 2

Click the "Manage" button in the Hidden Purchases section.

Step 3

Select the "Books" tab and click the "Unhide" button next to any item you want to restore.

Tips & Warnings

  • To delete a book from your iBooks library on a Mac, you must right-click the item in the iBooks application and select the "Delete" link. Removing a book from the iBooks library does not remove the book from iTunes or the purchased list in the iTunes Store.
  • Information in this article applies to iTunes 11. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.