How to Disable Laptop Tracking

By Dalton McVey

Laptops are based around their main advantage of portability. While portability can help in many situations, such as working while traveling or roaming a house, it can also bring a major disadvantage. Portability means a laptop can easily be transported, whether it be by the owner or a thief. To counteract this problem, LoJack is provided for laptops which allows a computer to be tracked by location and generally recovered. While this comes pre-installed with select computers, some users may wish to forfeit the protection and disable the tracking software.

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop's serial number
  • Laptop's service tag

Step 1

Locate your laptop's service tag and serial number. Keep them both on hand for reference.

Step 2

Locate the installed Computrace software on the list of programs in the Start menu. Make note of which version you have, e.g., LoJack Premium, Standard or Student.

Step 3

Fill out and submit a request for the product to be removed by contacting Absolute. Refer to the Resources section for a link to the contact form.

Step 4

Await confirmation that your removal request has been processed. This confirmation will be sent to the E-mail you provided when the request was submitted.

Step 5

Establish an Internet connection and Absolute Software will automatically trigger an uninstall of the Computrace LoJack software. Restart your computer to complete the changes.