How to Disable the Touchpad on a Dell Latitude D630

By Contributing Writer

The touchpad on a Dell Latitude D630 laptop is a square pad just below the keyboard that you run your fingers across to navigate the computer. This can be a convenient feature, but many people like to connect a mouse to their laptops and use that instead of the touchpad. If you'd rather use a mouse than a touchpad, you can disable the pad via the "Mouse Properties" setting.

Step 1

Turn on the Dell Latitude D630. Click on the "Start" tab in the left corner of the toolbar located at the bottom of the computer screen.

Step 2

Select "Control Panel" from the list of options in the drop-down menu, and a new window will appear with a new set of options.

Step 3

Select "Mouse" from the list of options. The "Mouse Properties" window will appear on screen. Click on the "Device Select" tab in the window to disable the touchpad.

Step 4

Click "Yes" when prompted to confirm, and the touchpad on your Latitude will be disabled.